‘Sada nikka sher’: Sikh boy models for British brand Burberry, pics win hearts

British brand Burberry took to Instagram to share the pictures of the Sikh boy and they are now winning hearts.

British heritage brand Burberry recently shared a few pictures with their latest child model and the images are now winning hearts all over the Internet. The reason? For their Children’s Autumn-Winter’22 collection, the brand chose a four-year-old Sikh boy Sahib Singh.

The images that the iconic brand shared show the boy wearing a Patka. It is a religious headgear that young Sikh boys wear before they start wearing the traditional turban. Along with his headgear, he is seen dressed in the clothes from the fashion brand and holding a teddy bear. In another picture he is seen holding a bag.

“Prepped for their next adventure: from outerwear to our Burberry Check, find back-to-school designs from the new #BurberryChildren collection,” the brand posted along with the images.

Take a look at the post:

The post has been shared a day ago. Since being posted, the share has gathered nearly 3.3 lakh likes and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post various comments.

“Young King,” posted an Instagram user. “I love this,” shared another. “Sada nikka sher representing got me smiling ear to ear,” expressed a third. “Whomever was in charge of the recent campaigns, give them a raise! This is how to execute diversity inclusion. No fuss, no melodramatic we’re in your corner cringe,” praised a fourth. “Came a long way,” wrote a fifth.

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