Single mother explains why she loves travelling with her toddler son. Watch

Travelling is an activity which almost everyone enjoys. People love to go to different destinations to unwind. While some people love to travel with their friends or family, some prefer going on solo trips. In a video posted on Instagram, a single mother explains why she loves travelling with her toddler son and it is really adorable to watch.

The video was posted by the Instagram account wanderlustkyla on May 20. The woman named Kyla who posted the video is a single mom who is a flight attendant. In the video she answered a question that a lot of people ask her. “Why do you travel so much with your toddler? It’s not like he is going to remember any of it,” says the text insert on the video.

The video shows the boy carrying his own little suitcase on a flight. Then it shows the boy looking out of the window of an airplane. In another shot, the boy is standing on a beach with his feet deep in the sand as he waits for the waves excitedly. “Maybe not…But I’ll remember his joy for the rest of my life,” says the text further on the video. The video has got more than 2.8 million views so far.

“Why I travel so much with my toddler!” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“He might not remember it but it will be the fibre of his being. It will create his world view. It’s everything,” commented an Instagram user. “Travel with your kids is a great way to bond and create a well-rounded child. Let them experience life outside of their own little world. I promise that you will never regret it,” posted another. “He’ll remember everything. This is so priceless,” said a third.

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