Stranger Things-inspired optical illusion is freaking out netizens. Here’s why

A Stranger Things-inspired optical illusion is doing the rounds on social media and might make you jump-scare. Why are we saying that? Well, it will become evident to you after you look at it. And those who have watched the recent season of the popular Netflix series, here’s a note- it hides a picture that might scare you more than anything you have seen in the show.

The optical illusion inspired by Netflix’s Stranger Things was posted on Instagram by an artist named Rishi Kaneria. “I draw a portrait you can only see with your eyes closed! Can you guess who it is???” wrote Kaneria while sharing the video. The video shows the artist creating an optical illusion of one of his favourite TV show characters. “But the catch is you can only see this portrait with your eyes closed,” read a text insert on the video.

Take a look at the optical illusion post right here and follow the commands to achieve the thrilling vision:

Since being shared on August 26, the optical illusion has received more than 66,800 views, close to 4,000 likes and several comments. “I tried it for eleven seconds and blood started coming out of my nose,” wrote an individual. “Yesssss, it worked,” shared another. “Whaaaaaat?? I love this,” expressed a third. “That’s so cool!” posted a fourth. “It worked! and the music came in at the perfect time as the image was coming into focus as always, love your vids!” commented a fourth.

For those who could identify the character from Netflix’s Stranger Things, pat yourself on the back. For others, the multicoloured negative depicts Eleven from Stranger Things, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

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