Street dogs guide visually impaired pet dog in this adorably viral video. Watch

Helping each other in moments of need is the quality of the truest of hearts. And which heart do you think can be truer than that of some adorable animals? In a video that has recently been shared on Instagram and has been going all kinds of viral for the sweetest of reasons, one gets to see the beautiful relationship between a cute pet pug and some extremely helpful and equally adorable street dogs. There is a good chance that you will not only be watching this dog video on loop but also might find yourself saying ‘aww’ with every watch.

The video has been shared on the Instagram page of the pug named Viki. He has over 1,500 dedicated followers on this page where the sweetest photos and videos of this dog’s daily adventures are often posted. “They’re the best,” reads the caption that accompanies this adorable dog video that has now gone all kinds of viral.

Watch it here:

Posted on September 6, this dog video has received over 2.92 lakh likes on it so far. It has also received various cute comments from dog lovers on the social media platform.

“Truest form of love,” points out an Instagram user. “Yaar, this made my day,” noted another individual. “They’re protecting from both sides, pure love,” points out a third.

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