Sunroof in Cars: How Safe Is It? Have Your Say

New Delhi: A new debate has erupted on Twitter after Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor shared a picture of a child poking his head out of the sunroof of a car he was travelling in. Posting the picture, the CEO tweeted a number of queries like, “Kid enjoying the breeze out of the sunroof as his car zips along on Golf Course Road, Gurugram. Where have we failed? In schooling, or parenting, or both?”Also Read – Attention Delhi: Not Wearing Rear Seat Belt to Attract ₹ 1,000 Fine

However, his tweet did not go down well with a section of netizens who asked him why is he (Kapoor) poking his nose into other’s issues. “His father’s car, his and his father’s choice, he can enjoy breeze wherever he wants. Take a chill pill no one failed anywhere, ” a Twitter user wrote. Also Read – Cyrus Mistry Accident: Mercedes Team Arrives To Inspect Car, Recover Data Chip

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Responding to the tweet, Kapoor referred to the recent fatal car crash involving former Tata CEO chairman Cyrus Mistry. “Seriously? At a time we are talking about mandatory airbags and seat belts in rear seats?” tweeted the Jet Airways CEO. For the unversed, the recent Cyrus Mistry car crash has raised various questions on Indians violating traffic rules including not wearing a seatbelt, breaking signals or vehicles not having mandatory airbags.


Kapoor also conducted a quick poll over the issue (how safe are the sunroofs) wherein majority of the respondents — more than 67% see the danger, while 32.4% felt that there is nothing wrong in this.

Activist Sukhpal Singh Toor thanked Kapoor for raising the issue. Toor urged Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari to take immediate cognizance. He also shared a couple of incidents wherein children lost their lives while taking sunroof rides. In 2016, two kids who had gone out for a drive with their parents on I-day were killed after a kite string (manjha) slit their throats as they stuck their heads out of the sunroof windows of their cars.

Meanwhile, we ( have also conducted a Twitter poll asking users, “Do you think sunroof in cars are safe for your kids?”

While the final results are still awaited, Twitterati seem to be in against of sunroof in cars. Do share your vote and tell us what you think.

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