Super Easy Trick to Solve Rubik’s Cube Every Time Goes Viral With 98 Million Views. Watch

Viral Video Today: Probably every person or kid in the world has seen or played with a Rubik’s cube at least once in their life. While many people just thoughtlessly play with it, other people try to solve it and some people even become experts at it. There are also a few Indian children who can even solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded in less than 30 seconds.Also Read – Viral Video: Girl Transforms Into Beautiful Butterfly While Entering Quinceanera Party. Watch

Several videos posted on Instagram reels by Pushpa Mangade, who’s an expert at speed solving Rubik’s cube, are going viral with millions of views. On her page, Pushpa shows how to solve different kinds of Rubik’s cubes and make patterns with them like making the Indian tricolour on the cube. One of her most popular videos is this ‘magic trick’ for solving a Rubik’s cube. Also Read – Viral Video: Boy & Girl Dance to Telugu Song Bunny Bunny, Entertain With Their Incredible Moves | Watch

In the video, which has received over 98.5 million views and 2.3 million likes, the woman can be seen teaching netizens how to solve a Rubik’s cube with super easy moves. The ‘magic moves’ are as follows: Move right column up, Upper row right, right column down, rotate full front side, and then repeat the same thing 5 times. Also Read – Viral Video: Girl Scares Monkey With Her Face, Can’t Stop Laughing After He Falls Off Window. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

Try the trick and see if its works!

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