Teacher Retires After 50 Years, Entire School Sends Her Off in An Emotional Farewell | Watch

Viral Video: Needless to say, teachers are the backbone of our society, and the guiding force in a student’s life. Good teachers can make a lot of difference in a student’s life and bidding them goodbye can be really painful. One such moment was witnessed when an English teacher retired after 50 years of teaching and the whole school gathered to give her an emotional sendoff. The video shows the teacher walking down a hallway, as students and other teachers line up to bid her goodbye on her retirement day. Everyone stood and applauded her as she made her way of the school building.Also Read – Viral Video: Group of Penguins Chase a Butterfly, Adorable Clip Has 3 Million Views. Watch

The video was shared by her daughter Katherine on Instagram on Friday with a caption that reads, ”Wholesome teacher content. congrats on retirement, mom!!” The text on the video reads, “My mom has taught at this high school for 50 years. She was 22 when she started as an English teacher. Today was her last day. The entire school sent her off as she left the building one last time.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and touched many hearts online. One user wrote, ”Aww… We love this. Happy retirement. Another commented, ”This is awesome. Your mom is clearly loved and made an impact on so many lives.” A third wrote, ”What an incredibly special moment. All the minds & lives she’s touched & influenced. Happy retirement. She’s more than earned it.” A fourth said, ”You must be very blessed 💜💜 moms who are teachers are the best moms! I hope she has a very very happy retirement!”

So wholesome!

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