Ten-month-old kid ‘argues’ with mom after she stops her from eating paper. Watch adorably funny video

A cute moment between a baby and her mom was recently posted online. Since being shared on Instagram, the video has captured people’s attention and left them smiling. There is a chance that the video showing a kid’s reaction to her mom stopping her from eating paper will make you happy too.

The video is posted on Instagram page projectparenthood_. “Life with a baby… excuse me for keeping you safe!” reads the caption posted along with the video. The wonderful video opens to show a kid sitting on a bed while holding a piece of paper. Her mom is heard saying that she shouldn’t eat the paper. To which, the baby starts ‘arguing’ in gibberish. It is the cuteness of the whole affair that makes the video a delight to watch.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted a few days ago. Since being posted, the video has accumulated more than 5.6 lakh views and counting. The share has also gathered close to 44,000 likes. The video has also prompted people to post various comments. Many also showed their reactions through heart or laughing out loud emoticons.

“She’s so absolutely precious,” posted an Instagram user. “Don’t argue with angels, they have special powers,” commented another. “OMG she’s a doll!” shared a third. “I would have no willpower against that cute face. I would be like oh can I get you the New York Times for a snack? Wall Street journal?” joked a fourth. “Me with my 11-month-old now. They’re so sweet though,” wrote a fifth.

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