Therapy dog’s happy dance in rain will make you want to join. Watch viral video

A happy pet ensures a happy human. So when one sees their pets, be they cats or dogs, expressing their happiness in the cutest of ways, it undoubtedly lifts their mood as well. And that is pretty much why therapy dogs exist, just like the one who can be seen in this video that has been posted on Instagram and gaining popularity ever since. The video showcases an adorable therapy dog who is also a pet, going up to the terrace as it is raining. He can be seen waiting patiently outside the gate that leads to the terrace.

This adorable video of the dog has been shared on Instagram with a caption, part of which reads, “Love rains unlike other doggos, just like momma.” It has been accompanied by the emoji of a pink heart and that of a cloud with rainfall. The video has been shared on the page that is dedicated to this therapy dog named Whiskers ‘Whiskeyy’ Syal.

Watch the dog video below:

Since it was shared on September 2, this video has received over 3.8 million views on it so far.

“This is everything,” commented an Instagram user. “He is doing the same as my dog,” related another individual. “How cute,” posted a third.

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