This dog tackles its human like a pro. Watch hilarious video

The video of a dog who mastered the art of tackling when it grew up was posted on Instagram. 

If you are looking for a funny dog video to lift your mood instantly, this may be just the right content for you. Shared on Instagram, the video shows how a puppy mastered the art of tackling when it grew up. The video is hilarious and may make you laugh out loud.

The video was shared by an Instagram page named Hugo The Malamute, which is dedicated to the doggo. “An apple a day will make your dog want to tackle the poop out of you,” reads the caption posted with the video on Instagram.

The video opens to show a puppy and its human standing in front of a mirror. A text insert on the video reads, “How does this…” What follows next is the pet owner teaching commands to his dog. Towards the end of the video, the dog is seen tackling its human like a pro. “Turn into this?” reads another text inserted on the screen.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared a few weeks ago, the video has accumulated over 9.55 lakh views and more than 93,500 likes. The share has also invited several comments.

“I just snort laughed in a quiet waiting room!” shared an Instagram user. “So how many times has Hugo actually hurt you from his tackles?” inquired another with laughing emoticons. “So adorable,” posted a third. “Cute! But the audio is quite funny,” expressed a fourth.

The video has even received comments from other doggo accounts. Many have used laughing emoticons to react to the video.

What are your thoughts on this funny dog video tackling its human?

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