This dog’s mom treats him with a homemade fancy meal. Watch

Pet parents are always excited to give treats to their dogs and cats to cheer them up. Mango, an adorable Golden Retriever dog, was craving some fancy food. That is when the pooch’s human granted his wish and made him doggo-friendly ‘Aloo Tikkis.’ The video that captures this moment was posted on Instagram and has also created a buzz.

The video was posted on the Instagram page named mangothehappydoggo, which is dedicated to a Golden Retriever named Mango. According to the dog’s Instagram bio, he is a ‘Pawfessional toy destructor’, ‘Official taste master of momma’s cooking’ and is on Instagram to influence dog food. “Do you think I am spoilt, or I deserve so much love?” read the caption accompanying the video with several hashtags, including #homemadedogfood #dogfoodrecipe, and #dogfoodie.

The video opens to show Mango with a text insert saying, “What happened when I told mom I want a fancy snack.” As the video progresses, his mom makes dog-friendly ‘Aloo Tikkis’ using boiled, mashed potatoes, chickpeas, tofu, and cumin seeds. She prepares the dish and feeds it to Mango with love. The video ends with the message asking the viewers to take in pets only if they are willing to treat them like their own family.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared four weeks ago, the video has garnered over 75,000 likes. It has also received several comments.

“Baby is on high protein and high carbs,” wrote an individual with several emoticons. “Definitely deserves every inch of love and more,” commented another with heart emoticons. “I totally agree with the last statement. Bring them home only if you are ready to treat them like family members,” posted a third.

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