This Golden Retriever dog likes corn on the cob, viral video shows why

Do you enjoy snacking corn on the cob? If yes, then you will surely relate to a video of a Golden Retriever dog munching the same. And whether you like it piping hot, soaked in butter or lightly spiced, watching the video will fill your heart with joy and make you crave it at once.

The Instagram page dedicated to a Golden Retriever named Maui shared the video with the caption, “When the one and only Maui fell in love with corn, he becomes a uniCORN.” They also added a warning to it. It read, “While corn is a healthy snack for dogs in moderation, the cob could be deadly if it is accidentally inhaled. So please hold the corn or just give the peeled kernel for feeding.”

The viral clip that captures why the Golden Retriever dog named Maui like corn opens with a text insert, “For me, I really like corn.” It then shows another dog who probably asks Maui, “What do you like about corn?” The dog then explains to his furry friend that corn is a big lump of knob that has juice and expresses that he can’t find a more beautiful thing.

Watch the viral video below:

Since being shared on August 25, the video has received over a million views. It has also raked over 64,590 likes and several comments.

“Corn is yummy,” posted an Instagram page dedicated to a Mini Dachshund. Another Insta page called The Berner Bunch wrote, “Maui-corn.” “Maui you have the cutest lil teefs ever, and you make an excellent unicorn,” complimented a third dog page on Instagram dedicated to a Labrador.

An Instagram user shared, “Maui makes my day. Maui is the reason I open Instagram these days… He definitely is one of the very few reasons I have to smile lately.” “You have to be very careful with corn cobs & dogs! My neighbor threw a corn cob over my fence, and my dog ended up eating it. It stuck in her intestines — the vet told me it’s the most common thing they find when having to do surgery for intestinal blockage due to it’s square shape or size,” commented another. “This audio is so freaking adorable I’m not even mad I’ve heard it 60 times today,” posted a third with several emoticons.

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