This is how a woman trains her puppy to have new experiences every day. Watch

A dog trainer named Zak George often takes to his verified and official Instagram handle in order to share various videos of how to train dogs and puppies. He aims to bring about a ‘dog training revolution’ and that is pretty much what can be seen in this one video where a little puppy gets trained in a very gentle and sweet way. On this page, Zak has over 4.64 lakh dedicated followers who look forward to such videos of fur babies being trained. This particular video shows how a cute little puppy gets exposed to various new experiences on a walk where she is guided yet allowed to roam free.

The caption that this adorable video of the cute little puppy has been shared on Instagram is descriptive and provides more light into what can be seen happening in this video. “Exposing your dog to the world is the ONLY way to teach them how to listen to you EVERYWHERE… BUT you don’t have to travel far to do it! How do you make sure your dog has new experiences as often as possible?” it reads.

Watch the puppy video right here:

Shared five days ago on Instagram, this puppy video has received over 800 likes on it as of now. The video has also received many comments.

An Instagram user writes, “So nice to see her enjoying all the new things and you can tell she is a happy dog! Me and my husband have a rescue for four weeks now and she is not well socialised with eight months. Taking a walk with her is just like Veronica in this video. Running around, sniffing and observing everything around her. Veronica and our dog are much alike and your videos are such a wonderful way for us to give our dog all the support she needs! Thank you!” “She is so adorable,” points out another individual. “Great job Veronica! Yes! And it’s so important to continue exposing them even past the sensitive period of 8 -16 weeks! Find new places to take them to all the time!” posted a third.

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