This ‘message in a bottle’ written in 1989 has travelled 295 miles. See pic

A boy once tossed a message in a bottle into Sardis Lake years ago. The lake is approximately an hour drive from Memphis, Tennessee in the United States of America. The bottle has finally been located after having travelled 295 miles. And would you care to guess how much time it took for this message in a bottle to travel this far? Well, it took the bottle just some 33 years to finish its journey.

Big River Shipbuilders’ Facebook page also shared a photo of the note with a caption that reads, “Today our Salvage crew found a bottle with the following message inside. Time has not been kind to the letter. We believe this was done by an Oxford, MS student with the last name of Tahl back in 1989. We would love to let that person know we found it. Please spread the word and help us find this person.”

According to the Clarion Ledger, Yazoo River workers discovered a glass bottle floating in the water as they were working, according to Billy Mitchell of Vicksburg-based Big River Shipbuilders. It came out that the bottle had a letter, but it was difficult to remove because the paper was wet. To help dry the bottle, they briefly heated it in the microwave. For a class assignment, sixth-grader Brian Dahl had written the note.

Take a look at the photo of the note:

It was written in 1989 by a sixth-grader Brian Dahl for a class assignment. 
It was written in 1989 by a sixth-grader Brian Dahl for a class assignment. 

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