Tiny Chihuahua dog smells flowers in the garden, netizens can’t keep calm. Watch

If you are familiar with the Instagram page named Dog, you’ll have a good idea about the various cute posts, both photos and videos, that they share. Recently, they reshared a video that was originally shared on the page that is dedicated to a cute little dog named Cedric. This adorable Chihuahua can be seen in this video, smelling different kinds of flowers in the garden. We can assure you that you will watch this adorable dog video on loop and possibly be found uttering ‘aww.’ The reshare, on the page that has over 2.6 million followers, has received over 1.6 million views within four days of it being posted.

“I trust Cedric with my whole heart,” reads the caption to the reshare. The caption to the original video reads, “I got to smell all the flowers in my garden! Can you guess which one was my favourite? I sure like them all, but the Swamp Hibiscus is the most impressive of them all! I think it’s important to sometimes take some time just the smell the flowers. These beautiful blooms don’t last forever. If you don’t take time to admire the blooms, you’ll miss out on all the wonderful beauty nature provides!”

Take a look at the dog video:

There’s a follow-up video to this one, that shows the Chihuahua smelling some more flowers. “So many beautiful flowers to smell! My garden is in full bloom right now! Every day I am looking forward to going into my garden and seeing what’s blooming. There is always something new around this time of the year. I think august is the best month for my garden! I’ve got baby bunnies, flowers and so many veggies to admire!” reads part of its caption.

Here’s the video:

The comments on the main video are equal parts adorable and hilarious. “Cedric’s botanical mastery stems from years of practice,” wrote one. “Please look at Cedric’s little face,” posted another. “Pure angel,” expressed a third.

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