Toddler surprised to see real bus after having only heard of it in nursery rhyme

When you are just a toddler, there are a million things on the planet that you need to comprehend and witness. So, every day becomes a charming little adventure for you and the people who are there around you to see you grow up. And that is precisely what can be seen in this one video that has been shared on Instagram and has been going steadily viral on all the right grounds.

The video opens to show a cute little toddler in the frame. This adorable kid can be seen to be rather surprised when they come to see a bus in real life. Now, this would not be anything startling to others but this was the first time that the toddler saw a bus in all verity. “Wheels On The Bus fan sees bus in real life,” reads the text inserted in this video.

The Wheels On The Bus nursery rhyme is quite a popular one among toddlers. Just like this precious one who simply couldn’t believe that a bus can exist in real life. The video of their reaction was shared by their mom, Angelique N on her Instagram page which has over 19,000 followers on it.

Watch it here:

The video was shared on June 10 and has over 7.79 lakh likes on it as of now.

From the toddler’s point of view, an Instagram user wrote, “Why aren’t they going round and round? I don’t need sleep, I need answers.” “Soul-piercing eyes,” pointed out another. A third individual commented, “Wait till they find out they’ll get to ride in one.”

Don’t you think the toddler’s response to seeing a bus in real life was downright hilarious?

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