Two adorable cats ‘paint’ a picture for their pet mom in this viral video. Watch

Hanging out with one’s pets is always a favourite pastime for all pet parents. But this particular pet mom has gotten quite creative with her idea of spending quality time with her too adorable kitties. In this video that has been shared on Instagram, one gets to see how she helps her cats ‘paint’ a picture for her in the cutest way ever and this process also involves just a little bit of catnip. The video opens to show how she puts some paint on a mini canvas and places it inside a zip lock bag. She then lets her cats do their own thing on it after putting some catnip over it. “Little Picassos,” reads the caption that has been shared along with this cat video.

The video has been shared on the Instagram page that is dedicated to these two adorable cats named Eevee and Yoshi. The page has over 65,500 dedicated followers on it who look forward to regular updates in the form of photos and videos of these precious little felines. And there is a good chance that this particular cat video will make you want to keep watching it on loop.

Watch the video below:

Shared seven days ago, this video has received over 2.36 lakh likes on it as of now.

“What a cool idea and they had so much fun,” pointed out an Instagram user. “I love this, so cool,” commented another individual. “They are so talented. There is nothing they can’t do,” wrote a third.

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