Viral Video: 3 Kids Fight Huge Snake Trying To Kill Their Pet Dog. Watch

Viral Video Today: An old video of three children fighting a giant snake to save their pet dog has resurfaced on social media and is going crazy viral. The video shows a python wrapped around a dog’s lower body while the pup is crying for his life.Also Read – Naag-Naagin Love Caught on Camera As 2 Snakes Dance With Each Other. Watch Viral Video

An older boy can be seen trying to pin the python’s head to the ground as two younger boys pull at the snake to loosen its grasp on their pet dog. When the snake is still constricting the dog, trying to kill it, the boys throw leaves at the python. Then the older boy uses a metal stick to gain control of the serpent’s head. The three boys manage to grab the snake by pulling it from opposite directions and forcing it to let go of its hold. Also Read – Viral Video: Men Sting Each Other Like Snakes As Naagin Dance Turns Into Fight. Watch

The pet dog is finally free of the python in the end and looks unharmed. The video shared on Twitter has received over 19.7 million views. Netizens praised the kids for being so brave to fight off a snake and save their pet. Also Read – Viral Video: Man Acts Hero By Grabbing Snake Out Of Water, Then Does THIS Hilarious Thing. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

How brave are these kids!

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