Viral Video: 7 Lionesses Attack a Buffalo, Then Comes This Jaw-Dropping Twist. Watch

Sher Aur Bhains Ki Ladai: Buffaloes are known as one of the favourite meals of lions. They are big animals with a lot of meat so if lions manage to hunt a buffalo, they don’t have to hunt for about five days. However, a buffalo is not an easy kill for lionesses, who do the hunting for their pride.Also Read – Viral Video: Lion Sees Another Lion Trying to Flirt With His Lioness, Takes Him Down. Watch

A video is going viral on social media that shows lionesses attacking a vulnerable buffalo who got separated from its herd. The video was uploaded on Instagram by the page ‘africanwildlife1’ and received over 89k views. Lionesses usually attack lone buffaloes or their claves who are a little far from their herd or have their guard down. The clip shows around seven lionesses surrounding the buffalo and two of them jump on him and dig their teeth into him to kill the prey. Also Read – Viral Video: Herd of Buffaloes Surround Lioness, She Runs Away Like a Scared Cat. Watch

You’d think it’s game over for the buffalo as he’s outnumbered by a lot of hungry lions. Right after that moment, comes a shocking twist. We have often seen lionesses being tossed in the air or chased away by a herd of buffaloes while they were hunting. In this video, we see a similar scene where several buffaloes come to rescue a member of their herd who was in trouble. The buffaloes come rushing towards the lionesses, toss them in the air with their horns and manage to scare them off. Also Read – Viral Video: Lioness Climbs on Elephant, Tries to Bite Ear Off. Watch What Happens Next

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