Viral Video: Accident Victim Carried To Hospital On JCB Machine After Ambulance Gets Late In MP | Watch

Viral Video: A video has surfaced on social media showing a JCB machine transporting a road accident victim to the hospital after the ambulance failed to arrive on time. The incident has been reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Katni city. In a video shared by ANI, the victim could be seen being rushed to the hospital in a JCB, as some others accompanied him. The video showed the injured man lying on the bucket of the excavator with two other people standing guard.Also Read – Viral Video: Youngsters Dance to Kala Chashma At Har Ki Pauri For Insta Reel, Spark Outrage | Watch

Speaking to ANI, Chief Medical and Health Officer Pradeep Mudhiya said, “The victim had a bike accident in Barhi and called 108 but the ambulance wasn’t available as the related agency providing ambulance services had changed.” “The ambulance was coming from a nearby town and got late. Later, a proposal was sent for a new ambulance,” Pradeep Mudhiya added.


Pushpendra Vishwakarma, the local Janpad Panchayat member and owner of the JCB machine told the New Indian Express, “He (accident victim) had a fractured leg in the accident at Khitauli Road. But with no ambulance being available and three to four auto rickshaw drivers refusing to help, the injured had to be taken to the hospital by my JCB machine.”

The accident reportedly took place in front of Pushpendra Vishwakarma’s shop.

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