Viral Video: Angry Cows Run After Man, He Slips And Falls In Water. Watch Hilarious Clip

Viral Video Today: A hilarious video is going viral on social media where a falls in the river after he was chased by cattle. The video was posted on Instagram by the page ViralHog and has received over 40k views. “His body wanted to move faster than his feet would let him,” the caption said.Also Read – Viral Video: Cow Feeds Milk To Abandoned Puppies, Netizens Say It Happens Only in India. Watch

The clip shows a man in a blue T-shirt and shorts standing near a big herd of cows. The man makes the cattle angry for some reason and several cows run after him. The man runs for his life towards a pond but he ends up slipping on the bridge and falling. Funnily, a rabbit and a small dog could also be seen running towards the water as the cattle ran after the man. Also Read – Cow Urine At Rs 4 Per Litre, Chhattisgarh Government To Start Purchasing on Hareli

The man managed to get out of the water and walk out towards the person who was filming him. Netizens were left in splits after watching the man and were thankful that the dog didn’t fall in the water. “The lil puppy was running for his life too,” a user commented. “That lil dog who bolted was like oh heck Naw! soooo goooood!,” another user wrote. “So glad he fell, and the dog made it, I was hoping the cow or steer got him,” a third user wrote.

Watch the video below:

Did you find the video funny?

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