Viral Video: Baby Elephant Throws Tantrum, Lies Down on Road, His Mother Reacts in This Hilarious Way

Viral Video Today: Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures, like monkeys and dolphins. Elephants are also capable of complex thoughts, deep feelings, and experience emotions just like us. And looking at baby elephants is like unlimited entertainment, whether they sleep, bathe, eat or play. A mother is a mother at the end of the day, and every mother gets tired of their kids throwing tantrums all the time.Also Read – Man Sits Atop Tree, Holds His Breath For Over An Hour To Escape Wild Elephants In Kerala

One such adorable video is going viral where a baby elephant can be seen throwing a tantrum but his mother doesn’t have the energy to entertain it. The clip was posted on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda with the following caption: “Baby throwing tantrums on getting frustrated… Relatable. VC: Fascinating.” The video has received over 30.3k views and 1,270 likes. Also Read – Viral Video: Mama Elephant Thanks Tamil Nadu Foresters After Reuniting With Her Baby. Watch

In the video, a mama elephant can be seen getting frustrated over her baby elephant’s tantrums. The calf lies down on the road and refuses to move so the mama jumbo just leaves him there and walks away. Netizens found the clip hilarious and relatable, pointing out that the baby elephant is behaving much like human children. “Esa na ho ki … Meri tarah 2 thapad ke baad sab thik ho jaye,” a user commented. “Badmashi :),” another user wrote. Also Read – Viral Video: Baby Elephants Slide Down Dirt Mountain, Adorable Clip Will Make Your Day. Watch


Lol! That is just too cute!

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