Viral Video: Brave Woman Rescues Snake Trapped In Well, Sets It Free in The Forest | Watch

Viral Video: When you think of a snake, the first word that comes to mind is fear! If we happen to spot a snake, panic takes over and we are filled with terror and fright. However, there are also many people who have overcome this fear. Not only that, they also help trapped snakes in an effort to help them. In one such video, a woman comes to the rescue of a snake which is trapped in a well and is unable to escape. The woman first wraps wire on a wooden stick and lowers it inside the well. The snake, thankfully, latches onto stick and the woman gradually pulls the snake up from the well and saves its life. She puts the snake in a bottle and sets it free in the jungle.Also Read – Viral Video: 2 School Kids Help Woman Push Her Fruit Cart, Kindness Moves The Internet | Watch

The video was uploaded on a YouTube channel named Snake Girl Pratibha Thakre.

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and people lauded the woman for her bravery and presence of mind.

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