Viral Video: Cat Kicks Rabbit Then Pretends to Sleep. Adorable Clip Has 13 Million Views

Viral Video Today: Cats and rabbits, have you ever heard of a cuter combination? While rabbits usually mind their own business and don’t cause a lot of mischief, cats can be mean to anyone around them, especially if they’re other pets in the house. We see one such cat being mean to a rabbit for no reason other than that she was bored.Also Read – Viral Video: Bihar Teacher Sleeps in Classroom As Student Fans Her, Internet is Left Outraged | Watch

The adorable video was posted on Instagram reels by the Japanese user ‘tenten2_10_10’, who was 46k followers. The reel has gone viral with over 13.3 million views and 714k likes. It shows a white and black coloured cat sleeping in her cat bed while a brown rabbit is a little higher on a tiny human-like bed. Also Read – Viral Video: Adorable 3-Year-Old Falls Asleep In Middle Of Dance Recital

As she wakes up from her nap and the rabbit is looking the other way, the mischievous cat lightly kicks the rabbit. The rabbit looks around at her and but the cat pretends to sleep. It looks like the rabbit is used to the kitty’s pranks as he didn’t seem to care but his nap was ruined. Also Read – Viral Video: Leopard Enters House in Nashik Village & Kills Pet Dog, Terrifying Attack Caught On CCTV | Watch

Watch the viral video below:

The page also posted a part 2 of the video a few days later where the bored cat kicks the rabbit again and it gets off the bed in frustration. The reel has received over 24k views.

Adorable, wasn’t it?

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