Viral Video: Chimpanzee Wears Sunglasses, Enjoys Drinking Coconut Water With Straw

Viral Video Today: Netizens who are tired of waiting for the weekend and or going on a vacation to just chill out without a care in the world are extremely jealous of this monkey. While people may have different opinions about animals living in captivity, a chimpanzee was recently seen living his best life in a zoo.Also Read – Viral Video: Chimpanzee Brothers Take Turns Watching Movie On VR Headset Together

The monkey, named Limbani, happens to be an internet sensation with over 700k Instagram followers. The lovable chimp lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) in Miami, Florida, US. He has won the hearts of animal lovers around the world. Also Read – Viral Video: Chimpanzee Escapes From Zoo, Returns On A Bicycle Wearing Rain Coat | Watch

The video was shared on his page ‘limbanizwf’ with the following caption: “Oh yeah Cool kids like coconut water.” The reel has racked up over 807k views and 25k likes. The chimp was seen wearing yellow-tinted sunglasses and drinking coconut water with a straw. Also Read – Viral Video: Cool Monkey Wears Hat, Sunglasses And Enjoys Drinking Milkshake. Netizens Are Jealous


Netizens found the video hilarious and said they want to be as carefree as the monkey. “Who is the Boss? LIMBANI,” a user commented. “So cool and handsome,” another user commented. “Wow that’s cool,” a third user wrote.

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