Viral Video: Elderly Groom Is Happy To Get A Young Bride, Netizens Feel Sorry For Her. Watch

Viral Video Today: A rather sad video is going viral on social media where an elderly man can’t contain his happiness after being married to a beautiful young woman. The clip was shared on Instagram by the user ‘psycho_biihari’. It has received over 116k views and 14k likes.Also Read – Viral Video: Cool Bride Seen Driving Royal Enfield to Wedding Venue, Swag Impresses The Internet | Watch

While the groom, a man who easily looks like he’s in his 80s or 90s, is smiling uncontrollably with a varmala around his neck and a beautiful bride, who looks far too young for him, sitting beside him after their nuptials. The bride is looking shy and not as elated to be married as the groom. She’s dressed in a red and green lehenga with a beautiful makeup look. Also Read – Viral Video: Shy Bride Steals The Show As She Dances to Bhojpuri Song, Delights The Internet | Watch

The viral video has netizens feeling sorry for the bride, who looks like she’s now trapped in a marriage she didn’t want. The groom on the other hand looks ecstatic to have landed such a gorgeous bride despite his old age. Netizens also felt bad for the single young men who are unable to find someone while this old man got lucky. Also Read – Viral Video: Dulha & Dulhan Force Feed ‘Ladoos’ to Each Other, Bride Gives Groom a Tight Slap | Watch

Watch the viral video below:

What a sad story!

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