Viral Video: Elephant Attacks Lioness, She Runs Away Like A Scared Little Cat. Watch

Hathi Ka Video: Lions are the number one natural enemy of elephants. Although it is not their preferred choice of prey due to their large size, lions can attack elephants. A lion is the only predator powerful enough to kill an elephant. Elephants are big animals with a lot of meat so if lions manage to hunt one, they don’t have to hunt for about days. However, an elephant is not an easy kill for lionesses, who do the hunting for their pride. Elephants are herbivores and generally peaceful animals, so it is a rare case that they would attack and harm other animals unless they feel threatened or protective of their young.Also Read – Viral Video: Elephants Rescued After Being Stuck in Mud For 2 Days, Netizens Express Gratitude | Watch

A rare sight of an elephant attacking a lioness is going viral on social media. The video was shared on Instagram by the page ‘animalsinthenaturetoday’. The clip has received over 122k views and 1,600 likes. In the clip, a lioness is sitting in the middle of a field, looking for prey to hunt. However, a lone lioness won’t be able to do much against an elephant. It will take around a dozen lioness to take down an elephant. Also Read – Viral Video: Angry Elephant Chases Off Safari Jeep, Leaves Tourists Terrified. Watch

The elephant could be seen running towards the lioness sitting peacefully to attack her and chase her away from the herd. As soon as the lioness sensed the giant chasing her, she ran for her life like a scared little cat. The lioness was also surrounded by a few more elephants in front of her. So it was probably best for her that she escaped from their territory. Also Read – Viral Video: Elephant Damages Car To Scratch His Itchy Back, Leaves Netizens in Splits. Watch


The elephant taught the lioness a lesson she’ll remember for life!

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