Viral Video: Father Narrowly Saves Baby Sitting on Bike As Speeding Car Crashes Into It. Watch

Viral Video Today: We have often seen fathers saving their kids from harm just in time due to their fatherly instincts. One such protective father was recently caught on camera saving his baby from what could have been a horrible accident. The incident took place on July 30 in Sao Felix do Xingu, Brazil.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Opens Bus Window To Feed Tiger, Watch What Happens Next

The video shared on Instagram by TRT World shows a one-year-old boy sitting on a motorcycle on a sidewalk while his dad is standing near him. The man saw a speeding car coming towards them and quickly picked up his son from the bike. Not even a second later, the car crashes into the bike, sending it flying on the sidewalk. Thanks to the man’s quick reflexes, his son was completely safe. The father hands over the baby to his wife and angrily throws his hat on the ground. He then follows the direction of the car to confirm the driver who almost killed his child. Also Read – Viral Video: Bull Tied to Train Seat in Jharkhand, Passengers Asked To Drop It Off At Last Station. Watch

The video has gone viral with over 250k views and netizens are hailing the father as a hero in the comments. “Fathers are guardian Angels respect my man for saving his child,” a user wrote. “Wooow the Real Superhero” another user commented. Also Read – Viral Video: Hawk Snatches Man’s Sandwich, His Sad Face Is The Funniest Thing Ever. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

Dad of the year!

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