Viral Video: Firefighter Helps Blind Boy Experience Firestation Visit In The Sweetest Way. Watch

Viral Video Today: Blind people experience the world we can see and admire easily in a very different way. Their hands become their eyes when they lose their sight and have feel everything with their hand or smell or hear or use a cane. But mainly they use their hands a lot to ‘see’ the world in the best way that they can.Also Read – Police Officer Shares Viral Video Of Pankaj Tripathi Giving Life Advice Everyone Needs to Know. Watch

A heartwarming video is going viral where a firefighter can be seen helping a little boy who’s blind ‘see’ the firestation like the rest of the kids. The clip was shared on Instagram by the page ‘Good News Movement’ with the following caption: “The firefighter wanted to make sure that the blind boy also enjoyed the visit and got to “see” what being a fireman is like. Love this!” Also Read – Viral Video: Leopard Attacks Cyclist Near Kaziranga Park in Assam. Watch What Happens Next

In the video, a man wearing his firefighter suit is bent down so he can talk to the little man. The firefighter sits there patiently as the boy explores his uniform and gear. He then explains how everything works and puts his hand on the tank on his back. The boy also touches the man’s mask, helmet, and gloves. This gesture by the firefighter to help the blind boy learn properly is the sweetest thing you’ll see on the internet today.


The video has gone viral with over 2.6 million views and 205k views. “Love love love this,” a user commented. “Im crying. This is amazing to see. The fireman is a true human being who has a huge heart. Whoever this fireman is I want to thank him for being so amazing. He’s inspired me to be better person. Thank you!,” another user wrote. “Sweetest thing I’ve seen today,” a third user wrote.

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