Viral Video: Girl Dances In Front Of Buffalo As It Eats, Gets Pushed Over Fence Angrily. Watch

Viral Video Today: A video is going viral on social media that has left netizens in splits where a girl can be seen annoying a buffalo which ends badly for her. The clip was shared on Instagram by the user ‘psycho_biihari’. It has received over 464k views and 24k likes.Also Read – Fed Up With Govt’s Apathy, Karnataka Villagers Build A Bus Shelter & Make Buffalo The Chief Guest | Watch

In the video, a girl dressed in pink kurta and blue leggings can be seen feeding roughage (chara) to a buffalo (bhains) who is tied with a rope. After putting the feed down, the girl is still standing in front of the buffalo and not letting the hungry animal eat. She then starts dancing in front of the buffalo by doing weird kung fu moves. Also Read – Viral Video: 7 Lionesses Attack a Buffalo, Then Comes This Jaw-Dropping Twist. Watch

The buffalo is losing its patience while watching the girl being annoying when it just wants to eat in peace. The buffalo becomes angry and butts its head angrily on the girl’s body, pushing her away. She falls over the fence, ending her dance audition practice early. Clearly, the judge (buffalo) wasn’t impressed with her dancing and she needs to work on the moves. Also Read – Viral Video: Buffalo Saves An Upside Down Tortoise by Flipping it Over With Horn | Watch

Watch the viral video below:

Lesson of the day: Don’t annoy hungry animals.

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