Viral Video: Girl Scares Monkey With Her Face, Can’t Stop Laughing After He Falls Off Window. Watch

Funny Video Today: How would you feel if someone got scared after seeing your face? The feeling might be ten times worse if an animal got scared of you. This beautiful woman’s face was apparently way too frightening a monkey who was chilling by a window.Also Read – Monkey Runs Away With Mathura DM Navneet Chahal’s Sunglasses, Watch What Happened Next…

The video was shared on Instagram by the user ‘animalsareclumsy’ and originally by the user ‘nobuenoface’. It has gone viral with more than 23.7 million views and 1.9 million likes. In the clip, a girl is visiting a zoo and trying to say hello to a monkey sitting on a window sill in his enclosure. The monkey seems lost in some deep thoughts as the girl keep knocking on the window and he doesn’t respond. Also Read – US Woman Explains How She Contracted Monkeypox And Its Not Via Sex. Watch Viral Video

When the monkey turns around, he is startled by the girl’s face so close to him. The monkey looks so scared that it seems like he almost had a heart attack. The monkey falls off the window sill and the girl can’t help but laugh at what just happened. Netizens found the video hilarious and flooded the comments with laughing emojis.

Watch the viral video below:

LOL, we can’t stop watching this video on loop!

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