Viral Video: Lioness Enters Party, Climbs Tree To Attack Guest. Viral Video Stuns Netizens. Watch

Viral Video Today: The lion might be king of the jungle but it’s the lioness that does the hunting for the pride. While lions also go on hunts with lionesses occasionally, it’s usually the lionesses that animals and humans have to fear. An old video is going viral where a lioness enters a party and attacks guests. While lions aren’t the best at climbing trees, the big cats do so to get a better vantage point or to escape the heat.Also Read – Viral Video: Lioness Gets Stuck In Massive Stampede Of Zebras, Reminds Netizens of Lion King. Watch

Unfortunately, this man didn’t seem to know that and climbed a tree to save his life instead of slowly retreating while facing the lioness and making loud noises. In the chilling video, as the man climbs the tree wrapped with LED lights, the lioness jumps on the tree after him and climbs it easily thanks to the lights. The man reaches the leaves and tries to kick the lioness in the face to push her down as he has nowhere to run. Also Read – Viral Video: Lone Elephant Fights For His Life Against 14 Lionesses. Watch Who Wins

But the lioness has a strong grip on the tree and looks agitated. That is where the video abruptly ends and it is known if the man survived or if anyone else was hurt at the party. The clip was shared on Instagram by the page ‘lions.habitat’ and has gone viral with over 17 million views and 251k likes. Also Read – Viral Video: Lioness Enters River to Drink Water, Gets Brutally Attacked By Crocodile. Watch


That was terrifying!

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