Viral Video: Little Monkey Left Fascinated By A Smartphone, Tries to Snatch It From Human | Watch

Viral Video: Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world and brought a massive change in our daily lives. Remember the time when you bought your first smartphone, and were left absolutely fascinated and stunned to see what a little gadget could do?  Well, just like us, a baby monkey underwent the same experience when it saw a smartphone and was quite curious and inquisitive. In the video, a baby monkey was spotted trying to grab the phone from its owner, who is trying to click its picture. Meanwhile, the mother monkey is trying to dissuade her baby and pulls its back. However, the little monkey is adamant and keeps going back  to grab the phone.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Seen Putting Vape in Baby’s Mouth, Arrested After Online Outrage | Watch

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared the video and wrote, “Young generation is mad with smart phones.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral and users filled the comments with laughing emojis and hilarious reactions as to how monkeys are also getting addicted to smartphone and social media.  The baby’s glued to the phone…literally,” a user wrote. Another user commented, “But the behaviour of Mom is same.. In every generation..” A third commented, “Ghar ghar ki kahani. (Story of every household).”

Recently, another video had gone viral showing two little monkeys watching a video of monkeys on a smartphone that someone was holding in front of their faces. The monkeys seemed shocked and baffled at how their buddies got into the box.

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