Viral Video: Man Asks Toddler Son To Pay Restaurant Bill; What Happens Next Will Amaze You

Viral Video: Being the youngest in the family not only has its plus sides but one also gets most of the attention and pampering. And of course, the youngest goes out to fancy restaurants, amusement parks, and eating joints without having to worry about the expenditure for all the yummy food and adventurous rides, etc. But then sometimes it does put you in a soup; for being the youngest. Just imagine one goes out with the family and has a gala time while chomping the most scrumptious food and when it’s time to pay, the youngest is asked to do the needful!Also Read – ‘Lalu Bina Chalu…’: Lalu Yadav’s Daughter Makes ‘Coronation’ Claim With Bhojpuri Song, Tweet Goes Viral

Something similar happened to an unsuspecting kid recently. In a video doing the rounds on the internet, we see a kid having a meal at a restaurant with his dad. When the waiter gets the bill the man asks his small son to pay. The reaction of the young one has the netizens heavily entertained. Also Read – Viral Video: Mother-Daughter Duo Groove Beautifully to Pasoori, Netizens Shower Praises | Watch

The video is uploaded on Instagram by user @dereklipp. When the bill arrives, he hands the bill to his son and says, “Can you pay this? It is your turn to pay.” Initially, the young one looks worried and confused. Then the father tells him again, “I am asking you to pay. Do you have money?” Then the toddler thinks for a while and says, “You can pay for it now, and I can give you the money when we get home.” The father bursts out laughing at his loveable reaction and tells him it was a joke. Also Read – Naag-Naagin Ka Pyar: 2 Snakes Indulge in Mating Dance, Internet is Fascinated | Watch Viral Video

Watch the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 7.4 million, has 298K likes, and more than a thousand comments!

Check out some of the comments below:

“He was trying so hard to figure out solutions in his head.”

“Little bro was trying to reimburse you.”

“Kids are literally so wholesome. My son is always trying to buy me stuff with the money he earned. I guess it’s learned because we do that for them. It makes me melt.”

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“The kid’s got a heart. The way he takes and handles that ticket despite not having the money is indicative of good parenting.”

“Aww, he is such a beautiful guy with a beautiful heart.”

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