Viral Video: Man Opens Bus Window To Feed Tiger, Watch What Happens Next

Viral Video Today: Spotting a tiger on your ride in a safari park feel amazing but tourists are always warned not to get off their cars in the middle or open their door or windows. Tourists often like feeding animals such as giraffe or elephant on their safari park visit. However, this man dared to feed a tiger. The video was shared by ‘The Amazing Tigers’ on Instagram. The clip has gone viral with over 1.8 million views and 33k likes.Also Read – Viral Video: Rare Black Tiger Spotted in Odisha’s Similipal National Park, Caught Marking Its Territory | Watch

In the video, a man driving what looks like a small bus or van stops his vehicle when he spots a tiger. The driver opens the window and holds out a meat stick in his hand. The tiger jumps up to the bus window and grabs the meat from the stick. The man then tries to close the window and that’s where the clip ends. The man’s stunt could have horribly wrong if the tiger jumped inside the bus or grabbed his arm. Also Read – International Tiger Day: 4 Newborn Tiger Cubs Named At Patna Zoo, Seen Playing With Their Mom Sangeeta. Watch Viral Video

Instagram users said that it was foolish and irresponsible of the man to open the window and feed the tiger as it could have easily killed him. “All seems good until you become its lunch,” a user commented. “Tiger be like not enough it’s time to eat u,” another user wrote. “Hope you know cats can get into small spaces in just one leap,” a third user said.

Watch the viral video below:

Daring move!

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