Viral Video: Man Poses Like Bollywood Celeb In Front Of Paparazzi, But There’s a Hilarious Twist. Watch

Viral Video Today: You might have seen videos of pap pages showing Bollywood celebrities posing in front of the paparazzi. Whether it’s outside the gym, their houses, or at Mumbai airport, Bollywood celebs pose in front of paps as they flash their cameras. Some celebs just wave and head into their cars while most stop and get nice pictures.Also Read – Viral Video: Fearless Woman Feeds Dozens of Alligators With Bare Hands, Netizens Stunned. Watch

One such ‘B-town celeb’ was seen posing in front of ‘paps’ on a street in Delhi. The video was shared on Instagram by the page ‘crezy_indian_’. The reel has gone viral with over 20.7 million views and 2 million likes. In the clip, a young man is standing still at a spot on the road and making poses while facing the flashes of paparazzi’s cameras. Also Read – Viral Video of Kids Enjoying & Playing in a Puddle On a Rainy Day Will Make You Nostalgic | Watch

He folds his hands, does the peace sign, and makes several other poses. A few seconds, you’ll see a hilarious twist that the man is not posing in front of paps. The flashes are actually sparks and light from a labourer operating a welding machine. Meanwhile, an uncle is standing behind the man and smiling at the funny scene in front of him. The video left netizens hysterical who even loved the uncle’s smile in the background. Also Read – Farm Dog Turns Into Sheep To Keep Eye on Herd, Viral Video Will Make You LOL. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

LOL, that was so creative!

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