Viral Video: Man Rescues Thirsty King Cobra Trapped in Fishnet, Feeds It Water | Watch

Viral Video: It doesn’t hurt to be kind, especially to animals who aren’t equipped with intelligence like humans. One such video of kindness has gone viral on the internet showing a man rescuing a king cobra and even feeding it water. While most of us get scared at the very mention of a cobra, the kind man went out of his way to help the reptile. According to a video going viral, a big venomous monocled cobra was trapped in a fishnet, for almost 6 days before being rescued by locals in Odisha’s Bhadrak. The thirsty snake is then offered a bottle of water, which it quickly gulps down.Also Read – Viral Video: Bride & Groom Exchange Snake Garlands in Bizarre Wedding Ritual, Leave Internet Stumped | Watch

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and people were left touched by the heartwarming act and thanked the man for helping the snake.

One user wrote, ”Congratulations for saving this beautiful snake. God bless you! Respect and greetings from Italy.” Another commented, ”How thirsty the snake was!. Mirza Sir quenched its thirst and saved it. Thanks to the entire team.” A third user wrote, ”Amazing. The snake was so thankful to get rescued and for the water!”

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that you have to be an expert to handle such a poisonous creature and to never try going near them if you don’t have the expertise.

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