Viral Video: Man Uses This Genius Trick To Run Away During Police Chase, Leaves Cops Confused. Watch

Viral Video Today: There are two types of people – those who panic when they’re stopped or chased by police and then there are those who act like it’s no big deal and even manage to somehow get away from cops. This video that is going crazy viral on social media shows a man who belongs in the second category.Also Read – Viral Video: Ladies’ Super Fun Dance on ‘Kala Chasma’ Will Make You Want to Groove Too | Watch

The clip was shared on Instagram by the page ‘sbcreation.b’. The reel has received 25.3 million views and 2.8 million likes. It shows a man driving a scooter being chased by police on a road. When the man takes a left, he also leads the police to take a left. But, the man comes across a car, drives his scooter around the car, and back towards the road he came from. Meanwhile, the officers driving the police van don’t know what just happened and are just frozen there trying to figure out how they go after the criminal again. Also Read – Viral Video: Makeup Artist’s Amazing Transformation Into Kareena Kapoor From Asoka Will Leave You in Awe | Watch

By the time the police could back their car, the criminal had fled, leaving the cops gobsmacked. “When you 100% of your brain,” the text over the video says. “Bro playing GTA in real life,” a user commented. “Perfect U turn,” another user wrote along with laughing emojis. Also Read – Viral Video: Man Poses Like Bollywood Celeb In Front Of Paparazzi, But There’s a Hilarious Twist. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

What a smart trick!

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