Viral Video of Kids Enjoying & Playing in a Puddle on a Rainy Day Will Make You Nostalgic | Watch

Viral Video: The rainy season brings with it lazy mornings, hot cups of tea and of course, a jump in a puddle. If you are an adult, you might not necessarily be as excited for the last part, but trust us…kids definitely do! Puddles have a uniquely magnetic effect on children, and most kids can’t resist jumping and splashing in them. One such video is making people nostalgic as it shows a group of kids having fun while playing in a puddle on a rainy day. The short clip shows a bunch of children somewhere in India playing in the puddle, by falling, stomping and rolling around in the muddy water. The video will remind you of simpler pleasures in life, and definitely your childhood.Also Read – This Viral Video of a Puppy Gently Playing With a Butterfly Is The Sweetest Thing Ever | Watch

The video was posted on RVCJ Media with a caption that says, “Monsoon fun.” The text on the video reads, “That’s how we used to enjoy the monsoon.”

Watch the video here:

Since being shared 17 hours ago, the video has received 35,028 likes and hundreds of comments. Users loved the video and many got nostalgic, remembering the days when they used to play with their friends in the same carefree way. “Those childhood days,” wrote one user while another commented, “Ab toh thodi barsaat mai hi Sardi shuru.”

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