Viral Video Shows How Sun Never Sets in These Parts of Earth. Clip Has 28 Million Views

Trending News: There are some parts of the Earth that never experience nights like the rest of the world for months. This may sound baffling for most people, but for people living in countries that experience the season of endless sunshine, this is quite normal. A video is going crazy viral on Instagram that shows how this phenomenon works and what sunset and night actually look like in some parts of the world.Also Read – Top Scientist Admits Space Telescope Image Was Actually a Slice of Sausage

The reel shared by ‘_unknowns_universe_’ has racked up more than 28.8 million views and 2.1 million likes. The song ‘Cornfield Chase’ from the film Interstellar over the video makes it even more epic. The reel shows how the phenomenon of ‘Midnight Sun’ works. Also Read – Scientists Discover Thousands of 150 Million-Years-Old Dinosaur Footprints in China. Watch Video

Watch the viral video below:

What is Midnight Sun?

This unique natural phenomenon shown in the video occurs exclusively at the Earth’s poles is called the Midnight Sun, the page explained in the caption. This is due to the tilt of our planet, which makes one of the poles more facing the Sun at certain times of the year, indicating that that same hemisphere is in summer.

“During these periods, the closer you are to the Earth’s pole, the longer you can see our star shining in the sky. In many cities located in the northernmost points of the planet, the Sun can stay up to 24 hours without setting in the sky, places that usually receive a very large number of visitors,” the caption reads.

Which countries experience the Midnight Sun?

The midnight sun occurs in territories located within the arctic circle and the antarctic circle and there is a difference in magnitude within the territories. The Arctic Circle is the most popular place to experience the midnight sun as it includes many Nordic countries.

In the city of Fairbanks, Alaska, US there is even the Midnight Sun Festival, celebrated with lots of music and food, games and cultural performances. However, it is possible to follow this in other regions of the planet, such as northern Norway, Finland and Russia.

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