Viral Video: Woman Shows Off Fancy Hotel Room, Slips While Going For a Swim. Watch

Viral Video Today: For influencers, vacations are a great opportunity for clicking Instagram-worthy pictures and recording videos where they can show off their fabulous lives. One such influencer was flexing how luxurious her resort is in a video but it turned out to be an epic fail. The video was shared on Twitter by Dr. Ajayita with the following caption: “It was going perfectly well…”. It has gone viral with over 31k views.Also Read – Viral Video: Dancing Dad Ricky Pond Grooves to Priyanka Chopra’s Say Na Say Na, Makes Netizens Nostalgic. Watch

In the video, a man is filming a woman while she gives a room tour of the lavish resort where she is staying at. She walks around the resort in a bathrobe while drinking wine while showing her viewers each room. She can be seen walking through an exuberant bathroom with a massive bathtub, then a super comfy bedroom, and then the private pool area. Also Read – Naag-Naagin Love Caught on Camera As 2 Snakes Dance With Each Other. Watch Viral Video

As she enters the pool area, the woman takes off her robe as she’s going for a swim in the sea which is easily accessible by stairs from her pool area. As the woman walks down the stairs in her white bathing suit, she slips and falls, making the man filming her say ‘Woah!’. Twitter users found the video hilarious and flooded the comments with laughing emojis along with roasts for the blogger. Also Read – Viral Video: Angry Cows Run After Man, He Slips And Falls In Water. Watch Hilarious Clip

Watch the viral video below:

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