Woman birdwatches with her pet cat for this cute reason. Watch

To see one’s pets, be they cats or dogs, engage in whatever is their favourite activity, is truly a delight for all pet parents. Just like in this one video that has been shared on Instagram where one gets to see a cute pet cat, whose favourite activity happens to be birdwatching from its window. But in order to make this adorable cat feel like its interests are cared about, its pet mom decides to join it in this activity that is equal parts hilarious and cute. There is a good chance that you will keep watching this adorable cat video over and over again.

The video has been shared on the Instagram page that is dedicated to three cats, two of whom can be seen in the video. According to the bio of this page that has over 8,500 followers on it, they are based in New Jersey. The names of these three cats are quite hilarious – Socks Clinton, George Stephanopoulos and Dexter Morgan.

Take a look at the cat video below:

Shared on September 12, this cat video has received over 94,500 likes on it as of now.

“We stan a supportive parent,” wrote an Instagram user. “I do the same with my cat,” related another individual in the comments section of this video. “We love our children,” shared a third.

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