Woman dressed in bridal attire rides Bullet in viral video. Seen it yet?

The video that shows a woman dressed in bridal attire riding a Royal Enfield Bullet has gone viral on social media.

Wedding videos, be it the bride and groom making an entry on a cycle rickshaw or riding horses to the venue, signing wedding contracts to the bride teasing the groom during varmala, are all the rage on the Internet. And a recent video of a woman dressed in bridal attire riding a Royal Enfield Bullet is gaining traction online. The video has left people stunned and may raise your eyebrows as well.

The video was shared on Instagram by Vaishali Chaudhary Khutail, who enjoys more than 5.8 lakh followers on the platform. The video captioned “Jaatni” shows her dressed in bridal attire riding the Royal Enfield Bullet. The caption also has several hashtags, including #reelsinstagram and #reelitfeelit. The Haryanvi song Gun by Raj Mawar is added to the video.

Watch the viral video here:

The video, since being shared on August 6, has received more than a million views and has accumulated nearly 83,000 likes. Many took to the comments section to express their thoughts.

“She is lit,” posted an Instagram user. “So nice,” wrote another. “Swag,” commented a third with a heart emoticon. “Beautiful,” expressed a fourth with several emoticons.

However, this is not the only video of her riding the Bullet. Another video with the caption “Happy Independence Day” shows her riding the Bullet displaying Indian National Flag.

Watch the video below:

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