Woman hangs from plane to workout before skydiving, viral video stuns netizens

Wearing helmets, active wear, and taking a leap from high altitudes is as phenomenal as it sounds. Setting out on adventures like skydiving requires a dauntless attitude and a fearless mind. One such daredevil is Katie Vasenina who is captured in this viral video on Instagram. The video shows her hanging from the side of a plane and working out while in the middle of the sky.

The video was shared on Vasenina’s Instagram page on August 1. Vasenina wrote in her caption, “The only way to workout abs. #abworkout #skydiving” The video shows the adventurer clinging to the metal bar on the side of the plane and working out her abs at the edge, seconds before skydiving. The viral video has left the netizens amazed at the unforeseen move by the woman at such an extreme height.

Watch the video here:

The interesting video has amazed Instagram users. Since being posted, the video accumulated more than 49 million views and counting.

Although an Instagram user was impressed by the fearless skills of the woman, she shared why she won’t dare to do it. “Nope. Absolutely not. I would have a heart attack. You look wonderful at it though,” wrote the Instagram user. Another one wrote, “Can’t wait for the next one where you’re hanging on the horizontal stabilizer. You’ll look cool though.” A third Instagram user commented, “That’s a mile-high abs class.”

Katie Vasenina has 1.39 lakh followers on Instagram and she frequently posts photos and videos of her adventures that are liked by several Instagram users. What are your thoughts on her latest adventure video?

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