Woman surprises husband with Jordan shoes to announce pregnancy in viral video

Parenthood is full of surprises. And every mother-to-be wishes to break the good news to their spouses in a special way. Take cues from this woman in a viral video on Instagram, based on how she surprised her husband with the news of her pregnancy. The video shows a woman surprising her husband with a gift-wrapped Jordan shoebox to announce her pregnancy.

The video was posted by an Instagram user named Coral Wocknitz with the caption, “Probably the most wholesome video on my camera roll to date. Get ready for the waterworks, sorry it wasn’t Jordans Austin!!!” The video shows the husband unwrapping and unboxing the Jordan shoebox to find the pregnancy test inside.

Watch the wholesome video here:

Posted on August 3, the video has garnered more than 90 lakh views and three lakh likes. The viral video prompted several users to comment with heartfelt reactions.

One of the Instagram users commented, “Holy sweetness batman. How precious to have his adorable reaction” “I’m bawling. Seriously the most precious video,” posted another user. A third user posted, “Wow that made me tear up a bit. Congrats you guys.” “Awww this is soo sweet. I’m excited for you both to be parents!!” expressed a fourth.

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