Woman’s LinkedIn post on dad’s friend helping him write applications goes viral

A woman named Ravina More recently took to her LinkedIn profile in order to share a very heartwarming and inspiring story of how her dad’s friend used to help him when they were trying to find jobs. The post details, along with the photo of one of the applications that her dad’s friend had helped him send out, how the whole story went. “When my dad graduated in the ’80s, campus placements were not so common. He was applying for jobs for the first time in his life and was freaking out to draft a resume and write a job application. However, his best friend, Prakash uncle’s English language and the handwriting was immaculate. Prakash uncle was Dad’s saviour – from writing 10 job applications to preparing my dad for dressing up and speaking for the interviews, he left no stone unturned,” it begins.

“My dad kept making mistakes, like sending the application for one company to another company instead! But as friends always are, Prakash uncle would laugh it off and encourage my dad to keep trying. Thanks to his efforts, my dad had a good career and will be retiring next week. Prakash uncle still remains his best friend. This is one of the applications that he had written for my dad in 1985. While handwritten applications are a thing of the past, I would like to give a shout-out to every person out there who takes time out to help friends get a career break – by reviewing resumes, referring friends, sharing information about the company/industry, and most importantly – being there during tough times,” reads the rest of the caption.

Take a look at this LinkedIn post right here:

Shared just a day ago, this post has gone quite viral and garnered over 19,500 reactions on the social media platform.

“My learnings from here: 1. Beautiful handwriting. 2. Succinct, clear and unambiguous. 3. Clarity in thinking (knowing what he wanted). 4. Ability to find the right person and ask for help. I wish I had at least one of these skills when I graduated,” wrote one. “I didn’t know hiring was so difficult back then. Thanks for sharing this lovely post Ravina mam. This reminded me of my friend Medha Vasdev who always comes as a life saviour while proofreading the content and assisting me with the written part. I remember assisting many people with their resume polishing who needed help, and it was really satisfying for me to know that those efforts have yielded results. Helping others should be a human trait and I feel privileged to be surrounded by my friends who are always there to assist me,” posted another.

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