Women buy matching shirts for husbands without telling them. Watch reactions

What happens when couple goals meet friendship goals? Well, this viral video is the definite answer to that question. This Instagram video shows what four women planned in order to surprise their husbands and record their reactions. They bought the same blue and white striped shirt for each of their husbands, without them having the prior knowledge of it. There is a good chance that this video will make for a delightful watch for you as well.

The video opens to show the car journey that two of the couples were taking to the restaurant where they were going to meet another two couples. All four of the ladies in the video are friends and had pre-planned this surprise for their husbands where they buy the same shirt for them and make them wear it on their visit to this restaurant. As each of the couples came in, the husbands were pleasantly surprised by the fact that all the other men were also wearing the same shirt. This made for a lovely memory and a happy surprise.

The video was shared on Instagram by a woman named Lynn who has over 3,000 followers on her personal blog page. She posted the video jointly with her friend and fellow blogger Rachael Chin. She has over 19,500 followers on her page. A part of the caption that was shared along with this video that has now gone all kinds of viral, reads, “We bought our husbands matching tees without them knowing!”

Watch the viral video here:

Since being posted on May 29, this video has received more than 12.1 lakh likes on it. People have also shared various comments in response to this video.

An Instagram user writes, “Married girl squad.” “And they just kept coming,” reads another comment. A third comment reads, “This is wholesome.”

What are your thoughts on this viral video?

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