Medical Student Helps Woman Give Birth on Train

A final-year medical student has helped a woman give birth on a train. The incident occurred on Tuesday in the early hours when a woman went into labour while she was on the Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam Duronto Express.

The 23-year-old K Swathi Reddy, a student of Gitam Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Visakhapatnam, was also one of the passengers on the train. Seeing the urgency of the situation, Reddy, who is at the final stage of her MBBS training, decided to put her education and knowledge to use.

She performed the delivery of the woman, a 28-year-old resident of North Andhra, and assisted with the delivery of a baby girl. Although born premature, both the daughter and the mother were doing fine.

Talking about the incident, Reddy, in an interview with The Times of India, said, “I was worried a lot and also fear gripped because this is the first delivery that I performed on my own. Earlier, I assisted professors in the hospital.” She added, “Initially, I was worried and also afraid because the placenta has not come out for forty-five minutes. I was relieved when the baby came out.”

The woman, who went into labour on the journey, was enroute their native’s place in Srikakulam, since their delivery date was near. However, at around 3:30 in the morning, the labour began. After suffering from the pain for almost an hour, at 4:40 AM, calls for a doctor’s help started echoing in the bogey. This is when Reddy took charge of the situation.

Other passengers in the train also came to help the woman and Reddy, who was performing the medical procedures. They gave their blankets to the woman since the coach was air-conditioned and, according to Reddy, new-borns are supposed to be kept in warm conditions. The compartment of the coach was quickly turned into a makeshift delivery room with the help of the passenger. Finally, at 5:35 AM, the baby girl was born.

Meanwhile, an ambulance was ready to cater to the mother and the new born at the Anakapalli station. Upon reaching the station, the mother-daughter duo was taken to NTR government hospital for further treatment. The new-born was put in an incubator. Reddy accompanied the duo to the hospital to assist them.

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