Anupamaa written update June 25: Anupamaa, Leela get into an argument over Kinjal’s baby shower

The previous episode of Anupamaa ended with Anupamaa arriving at the Shah residence as Hasmukh cleans the house with Rakhi Dave present. Soon tension in the house gets intense as Rakhi Dave announces Kinjal’s baby shower on the following day. Read this article to find out why Leela refuses to invite Anupamaa’s family for the baby shower. (Also read: Anupamaa written update June 24: Anuj and Anupamaa makeup after first fight, Barkha continues to create differences)

Anupamaa gives Rakhi Dave a befitting reply

Anupamaa arrives at Shah house while Hasmukh cleans the footprints left by Rakhi on floor. She immediately takes the mop from Hasmukh and starts cleaning. Rakhi starts taunting her for doing a small job even after becoming rich. Anupamaa gives her a befitting reply and takes a stand for Hasmukh.

As Rakhi’s attempt at insulting the Shah family fails, she moves on to ask about Kinjal’s health. Kinjal hides the truth about Anupama’s party from her. Finding nothing else to create a scene about, Rakhi starts insulting Anupama about how Barkha disrespected Hasmukh and the Shah family at her housewarming party. Leela starts getting agitated but Anupamaa handles the situation. This isn’t enough for Rakhi Dave’s daily dose of drama, so she goes on to create more problems in Anupamaa’s life.

Kinjal’s baby shower

Rakhi tells everyone that she is organising Kinjal’s baby shower at her home on the following day as the Shah house is too small for her party. Leela gets infuriated by her comments and cancels the baby shower. The argument soon gets more intense as neither Leela, nor Rakhi budge from their stand on the baby shower. Finally, Anupamaa makes them understand that they should value Kinjal’s wish first while organising her baby shower.

It is decided to have the baby shower at the Shah residence but on the following day. Leela gets worried as Vanraj will not be at home then, but Hasmukh convinces her. Rakhi stirs more tension in the family as she mentions inviting Anupamaa’s in-laws to the party. Leela refuses to invite Barkha and Ankush. Anupamaa gets hurt and goes after Leela. She argues with her about inviting her family to the baby shower. Leela is not willing to back down. What will happen to the two family’s relationship as the fight continues? Will Anuj and Anupamaa be able to keep them together? It will be interesting to find this out in the upcoming episodes.

In the next episode, Leela decides to not have the ceremony without Vanraj while the rest of the family prepares for the function. How will this misunderstanding pan out for Anupamaa? Keep watching this space for more updates.

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