KK’s daughter Taamara asks his fans to stop sending hate messages to the late singer’s team: What would dad think if he could see this? – Times of India

Singer KK passed away recently after suffering a cardiac arrest in Kolkata. His sudden demise shocked the entire nation. He passed away soon after performing at a concert in Kolkata. Recently, his daughter Taamara took to social media and shared a long note with the fans. In her post, she requested people to not abuse or ‘spread hate’ against her father’s managers, Hitesh Bhat and Shubham Bhatt.

She took to her Instagram handle and shared a bunch of throwback pictures of KK with his team. Taamara wrote, “We wanted to thank all the beautiful human beings in this picture for accompanying dad on all his travels and the vital contributions they made to his shows, making them the memorable spectacles they used to be. I told Hitesh uncle; mom, nakul and I weren’t there for dads final moments, didn’t even get to say goodbye, but we were all so glad that he was by his side. Ever since he joined dad, his stresses went away. Iv heard about hate mail and a lot of anger being directed towards Hitesh uncle and Shubham. To those of you resorting to such abuse, ask yourself what would dad think if he could see this? You’re basing your judgment on the word of some unverified journalists, channels and other sources that regularly photoshop thumbnails and include clickbait titles. Don’t spread hate on their behest.”

Taamara further wrote, “All of dads fans are sending his immediate family all their love and support. However, every moment dad wasn’t with us, he was with his 2nd family, as he used to called them. Please don’t buy into the hate spreading rumours, please send your love and support to them too. They need it just as much as we do, we are all suffering. I’m very grateful that even though dad didn’t have us on his last day, he had them with him. These are the people that dad himself wholeheartedly trusted and loved, and are a big reason why dad become who he was. I’d like to ask you if you loved dad so much, don’t you trust who he trusted? I implore everyone to cease this verbal abuse or abuse of any kind, and if you spot it please take a stand and speak up against it. Be kind – Jyothy, Nakul and Taamara.” Have a look:

Soon after she shared the post, KK’s fans were seen agreeing with his daughter. A lot of them dropped positive comments on her post.

KK felt uneasy after he performed at the concert. He was soon rushed to the hospital but was declared brought dead.

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